Welcome Back from the Superintendent!

Here we go!

We, the staff of the Jamestown City School District, are “raring to go” for this 2011-12 school year. After a productive summer of restoration, re-invigoration, and rejuvenation, our energies are at full capacity, leaving us excited and inspired to start another New Year.

Many of our teachers and administrators spent much of the summer back “in school.” Whether it was continuing their own formal education at colleges or universities, or attending professional conferences, institutes or workshops, the vast majority of our certified staff have had summer opportunities to sharpen their instructional skills through a variety of professional development experiences.

Our buildings and grounds crews have done another phenomenal job cleaning, polishing, mowing & trimming at each of our school campuses. You may not have yet seen the buffed floors and the gleaming windows, but you have surely noticed the freshly mowed and trimmed lawns at each of our neighborhood schools. Our folks take great care of our facilities year ‘round, but their efforts are especially impressive at this time of year.

I trust that you, the parents, are as enthusiastic as we are to begin a promising New Year. Please take advantage of this sincere invitation to become fully involved in your child’s educational program. A great way to start might include a face-to-face introduction with your child’s teacher(s) at your first opportunity. Let’s make a New Year’s resolution to beginning, and continuing our conversations with one another, not only each September, but all throughout our children’s academic careers. As you know, it is vitally important that we approach this educational endeavor in a collaborative manner. Our children win when we (parents & school staff) work from the same playbook.

I believe this may well be the best school year in the history of our great school district. Join us and make it so!

Welcome back, and Happy New Year!




posted on 09/01/2011 - filed under: Spotlight