Lincoln Students Remember 9/11

Lincoln Elementary School fourth graders received a valuable lesson about the 9/11 Anniversary in Lori Cobb’s classroom. In 2001, after the attacks on NYC, Ms. Cobb’s class wrote letters to her friend and teacher Mathew Green’s students. The school, Wilcat Academy, was very close to Ground Zero and had to evacuate that day. Mr. Green’s students wrote their thoughts and concerns about 9/11 back to the Lincoln students. Ms. Cobb shared these letters with her current fourth graders to give them a unique perspective on the events they have all heard about even though most were not even born yet.

“Mr. Green’s class and school had to evacuate across the Brooklyn Bridge when the 9/11 events occurred. Can you imagine how they felt on that day? Not knowing what was happening and worried about their families? Asked Ms. Cobb. “I remember how much that day affected me and I can only imagine how tough it was for those students who were exactly your age at the time.”

In addition to sharing the letters, students brought in books and newspapers their families had about 9/11. Kyler Grey brought in a book to show his class.

“My brother had this book and when he found out I was really interested in learning more about 9/11, he gave it to me,” said Kyler. “I am really trying to learn why bin Laden would do something like this? I just don’t understand.”

Student Meri Rohlin brought in a Buffalo News article from the day after the attacks that her dad saved. The students also wrote the answer to the sentence, “I have the freedom to…” and used sign language to sing the song, “Simple Gifts.”

“I don’t think we will ever understand why someone would do something like this,” said Ms. Cobb. “But it is so important to never forget an event like 9/11 so that it never happens again. We never want to take for granted the freedoms we have in America. Look at the clock right now for two seconds. In those two seconds someone is protecting your freedoms and the United States. Everyone must remember.”

posted on 09/14/2011 - filed under: Academics, Spotlight