Global Studies & ESL Partner to Benefit Students

JHS students recently worked on a vocabulary activity in Amy Thompson’s English as a Second Language Global I/II class. Her students created flip-tab study tools that included the vocabulary terms, definitions and a drawing to help students remember important terms.

Spanish teacher and ESL Advisor Stacy Childress and JHS Social Studies Chairperson Mike Tuccio talked about offering a Global Studies course targeted for English as a Second Language students.

“I noticed that many of our ESL students were having difficulty on the Global Studies exams,” said Mrs. Childress. “It became very frustrating for the students who attended tutoring and classes for help. I decided to poll the students to see what we could do to help. I asked them what would make them more successful, how we as educators could help them, and what were their biggest obstacles. I went to Mr. Tuccio with my findings and we decided to try a year-long ESL Global Studies and also a ESL Earth Science class to help our students.”

English Language learners sometimes struggle with the cumbersome reading and difficult concepts of global studies. Providing them with a sheltered class with bilingual support and content focused on the essential learning targets of the curriculum is a way to provide them with needed support for this high stakes assessment.

“Mrs. Thompson is a teacher who students naturally respond to,” said Mr. Tuccio. “She is doing a great job! I’ve been in her classroom a number of times already and the students are working hard for her and we hope to see good results from this partnership.”


posted on 10/07/2011 - filed under: Academics, Spotlight