Fletcher Students Get Creative & Develop Salt Maps of NYS

Fletcher Elementary School fourth graders in Joey Leone’s class recently created, and displayed to their fellow students, salt maps as part of a unit on the geography of New York State. Students learned about the major cities, different geographical features of New York such as mountains, plateaus, Great Lakes and what states and countries border New York.

“I didn’t know the highest peak in New York State is called Mount Marcy. I also learned a lot about the Finger Lakes, which I didn’t know about before I did the map,” said Fletcher student Xavier Perry. “It was really fun to create the salt map and shape the different features like mountains and plateaus.”

Students created the salt “clay” mixture, formed the features of New York State and then painted and created a key to the different geographical landmarks in the state. Some students also created posters of New York State attractions such as Niagara Falls and Yankee Stadium and a report.

“Map reading skills are a part of the New York State test and this project helps prepare students,” said Mr. Leone. “But just as importantly, many students don’t know about the state they live in. This gives them a visual representation of New York State and the many geographical features, cities and attractions.”

posted on 11/30/2011 - filed under: Academics, Spotlight