Eygptian Museum Demonstrates Knowledge of Ancient Egypt

If you’d recently walked in the Jefferson Middle School library, you might have thought you’d stepped into an Egyptian museum but in reality, sixth graders from Team Endeavor’s creativity was on display through their projects on Ancient Egypt.

“I created an replica of the head of Anubis,” said sixth grader Noah Dominico. “He was an Egyptian God who helped prepare the mummies. I used paper mache over a mannequin head to create my project. I picked Anubis because I thought he sounded really interesting.”

Each student chose a topic from Ancient Egypt, which could include clothing, transportation, food, Egyptian Gods, games and pyramids to name just a few. They were responsible for researching and writing a paper and creating a model based on their topic, which was done entirely at home. Students presented their projects in front of the team, which was an excellent public speaking and learning experience.

posted on 12/01/2011 - filed under: Academics, Spotlight