Self-Portraits and Photography Add Up to Unique & Creative Images

Jamestown High School students in Kirk Frinks’ Studio in Digital Photography class recently completed self-portraits as part of a portrait unit including a single person portraits, group portraits, children portraits, and pet or animal portraits. For the self-portraits, students produced a series, or set of images that they felt represented them either in purely physical form; or suggested intellectual, emotional or spiritual ideas to portray what they feel partly or wholly defines their personality at this stage in their lives. Students adhered to proper technical considerations, effective composition and subject content to create self-portraits that says something about their personality. Here are some self-portrait photographs from our talented students:

Baxterjosh-1-selfportrait.jpgbradshawavalon-set2-selfportrait.jpgGustafsonAngela-1-selfportraits.jpgKellerPatricia-1-SelfPortrait.jpgLanphearTiffany-Set2-SelfPortrait.jpgMohneyMary-2-Self Portraita.jpgMOserAllie-2-selfportriat.jpgRybergEric-2-selfportrait.jpgSmithBrooke-2-SelfPortrait.jpg

posted on 12/09/2011 - filed under: Academics, Spotlight