Washington ALP Students Create Math Quilts for LSS

Washington Middle School Advanced Learning Program recently donated “Math Quilts” to Lutheran Social Services Director of Marketing Patty Eckwahl. The quilts were created during their after school sessions with Family & Consumer Science teacher Sheri Brandes.

“I think it is really exciting that the student chose our residents to donate their quilts,” said Mrs. Eckwahl. “It is especially nice that that student used a craft, quilting, that is popular with many of our residents. It is a neat project to combine community service along with learning valuable math skills.

The sixth graders used their geometry and sewing skills to create four quilts . They worked in teams to complete a scale drawing of their quilt in a pattern, measured fabric blocks and created shapes such as triangles for the friendship star quilt.

posted on 12/14/2011 - filed under: Academics, Spotlight