Love Students Receive Holiday Gift from Teacher

Love Elementary School 2nd Graders in Christina Spontaneo’s class received a surprise holiday gift to coordinate with Love’s Annual Pajama Giveaway. During the week of December 19th, all Love School students took part in various English Language Arts activities based on the book, The Polar Express. Mrs. Spontaneo’s students were photographed and told that the picture was going to be used as a surprise. She commissioned local artist, Kathy Darpino, to sketch a portrait of each of her 22 students. Over the weekend, Mrs. Spontaneo constructed The Polar Express train in her hallway and hung each student’s portrait in the “windows.”

On Monday, December 19th students came to school and saw the train for the first time.

“The response from both students and staff was an unforgettable gift for me,” said Mrs. Spontaneo. ” It is very rewarding to see children find excitement in learning and show their appreciation as well.”

Before the break, students wrapped the portraits and  created cards so that they could give the portraits as a gift over the holidays.


posted on 01/06/2012 - filed under: Academics, Spotlight