Persell FACS Study Food Pyramid Through Cooking

Persell Middle School students are “eating their way through the Food Pyramid” in Sharon Badach’s Family & Consumer Science classes by preparing homemade salsa using fresh cilantro and lime for vegetable group. The nutrition unit uses the My Plate/My Pyramid concept in the cooking process. Students take all 5 food groups and eat them in a healthy way. Mrs. Badach  shows students how to  incorporate the food groups into everyday diets. Other healthy foods they will make include fruit smoothies where they compare and contrast ingredients to milkshakes (dairy group), homemade bean dip (meat and beans group), whole grain corn chips (grains group) and fresh fruit (fruit group).

“By showing them how to cook using healthy foods, it is not only good for them but also shows how inexpensive and fun cooking at home can be,” said Mrs. Badach. “Family & Consumer Science is a life skills class. It is one thing to talk about how to eat healthy, but experiencing it firsthand by creating, tasting and sharing leaves students with  a healthy relationship with food.

posted on 01/26/2012 - filed under: Academics, Spotlight