Jamestown Ironmen Introduce Hockey to Persell Physical Education Classes

The Jamestown Ironmen recently visited Persell Middle School to work with physical education classes and play a Faculty/Student vs. Ironmen floor hockey game. Persell Middle School Guidance Counselor John Sirianno presented the idea to Physical Education teacher Dave Dix that the Ironmen would be willing to work with students during class. Dan Daikawaka, the Ironmen Coach and Mr. Dix organized the visit.

The Ironmen ran six station circuits that worked on passing, stick handling, shooting, relay races, pylometrics and even a skating simulation station using paper plates for the students to stand on and slide across the floor using a skating motion.

At an all-school assembly the Ironmen and the Persell Faculty/Student played a floor hockey game. The Persell team held their own but the Ironmen, as professionals, toyed with the Persell players stringing passes together with the ball in the net before the Persell players saw it. The Jamestown Ironmen are the local NAHL hockey team. They gave every student a free pass to the home game on Saturday, February 18th with a paid adult ticket.

“Hopefully activities like this will have students pick up a stick, start playing in their driveway and be more active,” said Mr. Dix. “Or even go to the rink and start skating or playing hockey. People often say ‘There is nothing to do in this town.’ Showing students a new activity including going to an Ironmen game is a great, inexpensive way to see some fast, fun entertaining local hockey.”





posted on 02/13/2012 - filed under: Academics, Sports, Spotlight