Persell Staff Get Active with Bootcamp

“Left leg straight, chest to knee – let’s stretch it out” said Persell Middle School teacher David Dix to a group of staff in a circle. “Let’s get ready to workout by stretching your muscles.”

Mr. Dix was leading Persell Middle School staff during their after school and Saturday morning Boot Camp. The workout is the brainchild of Mr. Dix but it also works hand-in-hand with fellow Physical Education teacher Robin Storer’s Staff Battle of the Bulge competition. Both activities encourage Persell staff to get healthy. The Boot Camp group meets Tuesdays and Thursdays after school and Saturday mornings to workout. They complete a 50-minute circuit that involves a warm up, stations that are designed to target upper and lower body, strengthening and toning, as well as abdominal exercises and cardio stations and a cool down. Each station has modifications depending on a participant’s fitness level. Boot Campers work at 17 different stations for 45 seconds while music plays and rotate every 15 seconds when the music stops.

“It is so encouraging to see so many staff members working hard to get healthy and fit,” said Mr. Dix. “Everyone does their best, tries his or her hardest and seems to get a great workout from the boot camp sessions. We are also able to tell our students in class that the staff is also working out and getting healthy, which is an added benefit.”

Staff including teachers, paraprofessionals, guidance counselors and others are all seeing the benefits of the workouts.

“The feeling of completing one of the Boot Camp workouts is amazing,” said Persell teacher Annika Putney. “Mr Dix does a fantastic job motivating us and encouraging us to work hard and push ourselves to achieve our physical goals. He gives us the extra edge to go above and beyond what we might be comfortable doing on our own; all the while making sure we are using proper form and working all muscles groups. Many of us are already seeing results of the workouts.”


posted on 03/19/2012 - filed under: Spotlight