JHS Students Learn More About Robotics Through Competition

JHS students Jesse Linamen, Dominick Hulett, Coner Estrada, Adam Cecchini, Bobby Rew, Ralph Wallace, Aaron Beatty, Dusty Yager, Collin Rodgers, Jeremy Wion, Jesse Linamen, Marc Trusso, Jimmy Paterniti, Tavian Wright, Jon Theisman, Nolan Farr, Andrew Russo, recently participated in the “Dream It Do It” Robotics Competition with teachers Scott Van Stee and Steve Propheter.

Ten Chautauqua County schools competed on three courses, having to complete the first course before moving on to the second and/or third course. There were obstacles in the way that students’ robots had to avoid using sensors (light, sound, touch or proximity).  The first course had obstacles in the middle of the field, the second had bricks that the robot had to either climb over or reach over to grab the flag and the third course had a robot that was defending a flag. It was fun and challenging. JHS students built their robots in Mr. VanStee’s Robotics course, which is held at the Tech Academy and in Mr. Propheter’s after school Robotics Club, which is funded by the 21st Century Community Learning grant.

Schools were also able to enter names for the entire competition.  JHS student Dominick Hulett suggested “Robot Olympics” and JCC picked that name for the annual competition name. He won a $25 iTunes card for his winning suggestion.


posted on 05/07/2012 - filed under: Academics, Spotlight