Ring Students “Race to Read”

“I know everyone tells you reading is important and it is to everyone, including race car drivers,” said Lake Erie Speedway’s Facilities Manager Jason Scanlon to a group of third graders. “I’m going to give you an example, the rule book. Every driver must read his or her rulebook and follow the rules. Without reading it, they could be disqualified from the race.”

Mr. Scanlon was talking to Ring Elementary School third graders as part of the Lake Erie Speedway’s Race to Read Program, which included 19 schools and 5,500 local students this year. Ring students were asked to read 250 minutes in any genre.

“I love watching racing on television and I also love reading, especially the Dragonbreath books,” said third grader Toby Price. “It’s fun to do something like this because you get to accomplish something and then do a fun activity.”

As an incentive for reading, Lake Erie Speedway brought a racecar, a driver and all of the equipment to show the students. They also donated six free tickets to each student for the June 2nd Race to Read Night at the Lake Erie Speedway.

“This program demonstrates the importance of reading and that it can be fun and rewarding,” said Ring Elementary School teacher Melissa Yost. “There is immediate, positive reinforcement for students who meet their reading goal. Students could read books of their choice and at their reading level. They could involve their families in both the reading and in the incentive, which are tickets to the Speedway. This was the first year that we participated, and I know that we will again next year. It was a great experience for all of us.”



posted on 05/14/2012 - filed under: Academics, Spotlight