Jefferson Students Learn More About Weather from an Expert

“Who knows what the main purpose of a weather broadcaster is?” asked Tom DiVecchio from Erie TV station WJET to Jefferson Middle School students. “To tell you the weather obviously, but even more importantly, our job is to protect the public and warn them about weather that is coming to their area before it arrives. Our purpose is to protect and save lives.”

Mr. DiVecchio spoke to Jefferson students about the weather as part of their science units. He talked about different types of weather such as blizzards and hail and what causes them to occur. He also talked about tornadoes and how they are measured for strength. He described who weathermen use math to determine the average temperature and also discussed what to do in the event of dangerous weather.

Jefferson Middle school fifth graders study weather systems as part of their curriculum map The classroom lessonsĀ  are based on atmosphere and air temperature, water vapor and humidity, clouds and precipitation, and air pressure and wind.

“We feel it is important for people from the community to share with our students because it shows that what we learn in class can be applied to the real world,” said Jefferson 5th grade teacher Tom Langworthy. “Tom DiVecchio clearly has a mastery of science knowledge and students are able to see that knowledge as he talks about meteorology and weather patterns. When someone prominent comes in from outside of the educational setting, it reinforces the importance of what is being presented in class.”

posted on 06/04/2012 - filed under: Academics, Spotlight