Spelling Bee Champ Announced at Fletcher School

Fletcher Elementary School recently held its Annual Spelling Bee. This year’s winner was fourth grader  Courtney Gray from  Joey Leone’s class. As the victor, Courtney won the Spelling Bee trophy, a bike donated from Walmart, and her name placed on the plaque in the main lobby.

Forty-five third and fourth grade students tried out for the Spelling Bee. From this group, the 19 top spellers were selected to participate in the final Spelling Bee. The top 10 students in the final Spelling Bee were: Ayah Qadri (runner-up), Connor Flores, William Karr, Madison Christ, Hanah Seastrom, Da’Mier Williams, Adam Dunn, Travis Goodlow, ( fourth graders) and Steven Dewey and Ashley Patch (third graders)

Each participant in the final Spelling Bee received a bag or backpack full of fun goodies provided by the Fletcher School PTA. A second bike was also donated by Walmart. This bike was given to one random student who participated in the Spelling Bee. Fourth grader Jonathan Monaghan was the winner of this bike. Congratulations to all of these talented spellers!




posted on 06/05/2012 - filed under: Academics, Spotlight