Ring 2nd Graders Learn Water Safety

“Okay everyone, I’m going to show you the Patrick Starfish float,” said Jason Chinni, YMCA Aquatics Director. “Everyone float on your back with arms and legs out like a starfish. Here we go, float like Patrick Starfish.”

Ring Elementary Schools second grade students recently had the opportunity to learn more about water safety through the YMCA. The 4-year-old program is funded through the YMCA’s annual Partner with Youth campaign. Students learned: basic pool rules, ice safety and basic rescue, what to do if someone is in trouble in water, reaching assists with poles, throwing assists with floating items and life jacket use. The interactive activities are conducted by trained YMCA staff and lifeguards. This type of water safety training is important because drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in children. Since our community is surrounded by water, it is important for local children to have water safety skills.

posted on 07/05/2012 - filed under: Academics, Spotlight