JHS Students Team Up With Forest Board to Create, Assemble & Install Birdhouses

JHS students recently collaborated with the JPS Forest Board to create, assemble and install birdhouses in the JPS Forest. Students in Daryl Damcott’s Drawing and Design for Production (DDP) class manufactured the birdhouses and Sam Qadri’s Exploring Technology Education class assembled and installed the birdhouses during a field trip. The JPS Forest Board sponsored the material, supplies and transportation for the field trip.

“This unique teamwork among classes, administrative personnel and teachers helped accomplish multiple goals: meeting NYS education standards in Technology Education, Math, Science and ELA, caring for our environment and encouraging the preservation forests and natural living environments,” said Mr. Qadri.

Dick Stineman, President of the JPS Forest Board, and David Anderson, Vice-President of the JPS Forest Board, were on hand to lead the students on the trails. Mr. Anderson also talked about the different types of trees available in the JHS Forest while students took turn mounting about 22 birdhouses on select trees.

Mr. Damcott’s Drawing and Design for Production (DDP) class was responsible for the calculation of materials, creating a bill of materials, designing the process to mass produce the birdhouse kits and all of the steps in the production process for two different birdhouse designs: a Nest Box for Tree Swallows, Eastern Bluebirds and Great Crested Flycatchers and Robin shelters.

Students based the designs off of concepts provided by Mr. Qadri with slight modifications in order to make the process into a kit-based project. The DDP students not only designed the process, but were also responsible for determining the task that needed completed, dividing the work tasks and overseeing the process of the mass production of the kits, which were assembled by Mr. Qadri’s Exploring Technology class. The entire JHS Technology Department (Mr. Qadri, Mr. Damcott, Mr. Bentzoni, Mr. VanStee and Mr. Jewell) assisted Mr. Qadri’s class in the assembly of the Nest Boxes. For the Robin shelters, Mr. Qadri and Mr. Damcott worked with the students to assemble the kits with the assistance of JHS paraprofessionals Mr. Angelo and Mrs. Byczek.


posted on 07/23/2012 - filed under: Academics, Spotlight, Technology