Fletcher Students Create Ocean World

Fletcher Elementary School kindergartners in Chris Case’s class used their English language arts, science and imaginations to create amazing projects based on their ELA unit “Under the Ocean.” Students created Play-doh crabs, octopus mobiles out of grocery bags, informational posters, ocean life dioramas and even a four-foot, wooden hammerhead shark as part of a culminating activity.

“I was in awe of the creativity!” said Mr. Case. “The most important thing is that the students are excited to learn! The children had the opportunity to choose something of personal interest and take an active role in their learning. The flexibility and range of projects allows for children and parents alike to be creative. The excitement on their face as they bring in their project to share with their peers is truly amazing. A special thanks to all the parents who took the time to collaborate with their child and make learning fun!”

During the unit, students learned that there are many types of living creatures of various sizes and shapes living within the sea. They also learned that the ocean is used as a habitat for these living things, but also for, transportation, recreation and as a source of food.  Finally, students learned the similarities and differences between fresh water and salt water. The projects included several suggested ideas, but was left open for students and their families to have fun and be creative. Each project contained a minimum of three written facts to be shared with the class.







posted on 07/29/2012 - filed under: Academics, Spotlight