JFD Gives Important Fire Safety Lessons at Fletcher Elementary School

“Would you like to see a fireman put his gear on?” asked Jamestown Fireman Shawn Tibbitts.

A roar of “yes” came from the entire Fletcher Elementary School student body.

“Now, you’ll see that as Firefighter Capizzi gets dressed, he will start to look different with his mask on. If we see a firefighter in our house looking like this do we hide?”

“No,” shouted the students.

“That’s correct. He’s only got this silly gear on to help us. So you want to go to a firefighter in an emergency situation.”

The Jamestown Fire Department held its annual Fire Safety Assembly for students to remind them of important fire safety tips such as: stop, cover your face, drop and roll, how to call 911, ask parents to test their home fire alarms and many other important reminders. Firemen Shawn Tibbitts, Vinny Capizzi, Gary Ingerson and Matthew Coon also brought fire safety coloring books for each student.

“We do this assembly every year with the JFD,” said Fletcher Principal Walt Samick. “It is a very important topic for our students to learn and remember and we appreciate that the firefighters come in and talk with our students.”

posted on 11/02/2012 - filed under: Community, Elementary School, Spotlight