JPS After School Programs Celebrate Lights On Afterschool – Afterschool Survey Results!

Jefferson Lights On Event

All Jamestown Public Schools Afterschool Programs recently celebrated “Lights On Afterschool” to remind the public of the importance of after school programming. The Afterschool Alliance sponsors the event, which is in its 13th year. More than one million people gathered at more than 9,000 sites across the country and at U.S. military bases worldwide to participate in the only nationwide rally for afterschool programs.

At Lights On Afterschool events in the Jamestown Schools, open houses were held for parents, teachers and community to visit the programs, which showcased  student projects  completed during the afterschool programs. Fun and informative activities such as tours, raffles, games, arts and crafts, parades, family projects, food and drink were enjoyed by all who attended.

Washington Lights On Event

Uncertain Times, a survey of afterschool programs released recently, revealed that programs across the country are struggling to keep their doors open. At this year’s Lights On Afterschool events, communities, including JPS, rallied behind these programs and urged Members of Congress to increase federal afterschool funding and reject efforts to divert funds intended for afterschool programs.

Love After School Event

Jamestown  After School Program 2011-12 Survey Results

  • 94% of elementary students and 89% of middle and high school students believe that ASP staff cares about them
  • 83% of elementary students and 84% of middle and high school students say they have discovered new things and interests at the ASP, and are satisfied with the activity choices at ASP
  • Over 75% of elementary students and 82% of middle school and high school students say that the ASP program has helped enrich their understanding of school day lessons
  • More than 85% of elementary students felt comfortable sharing their needs with ASP staff, and that ASP listen to them
  • Over 85% of elementary students and 92% of middle and high school students are satisfied with the ASP, and would recommend to their friend
  • 100% of parents found the operating hours of the ASP to fit the needs of their family
  • 97% of elementary parents and 98% of middle and high school parents believe that the ASP has helped them connect better to their child’s school
  • More than 94% of elementary parents and 98% of middle and high school parents believe that the ASP has helped to enrich their child’s school day, helped them to develop new interests/ideas, and has been a postive influence on their child
  • 90% of K-4 parents say they rely on ASP for child care




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