Jefferson Sixth Graders Delve Into Ancient Egyptian Culture

Sugar cube pyramids, athletic tape mummies, clay amulets and masks were just some of the creative “artifacts” displayed at the Jefferson Middle School’s Egyptian Museum created by sixth graders.

Students chose an aspect of Ancient Egypt to research and write a report. Then, they created from their imagination a way to depict their topic into a presentation.  Each student showed their project and what they learned in class.  Topics chosen included: canopic jars, pyramids, pharaohs, games and toys, jewelry and Egyptian food.

“I chose to create Egyptian clothing because my mom sews and has a dressmaker form,” said sixth grader Finley Holt. “I used fabric, a balloon for the head with a mask for the face and a lot of duct tape. The most interesting thing I learned was that pyramids line up with the stars as a gate to the afterlife.”

posted on 11/20/2012 - filed under: Academics, Middle School, Spotlight