Washington Advantage After School Students Create Dance – Watch the Video!

Washington Advantage After School students had an opportunity to put their creative juices to work by creating a dance about their school. Twelve students from grades five through eight participated. The dance was largely choreographed by Wash Advantage staff member Nikki Perez with tons of student input by adding their own style and steps to the base dance that Nikki had choreographed. Victor Perez, a brother of one of the Washington students, also helped create and record a special song.

The dance took approximately nine weeks to create and practice. Students then performed it for fellow after school students and their families.

“It is so important for students to have outlets like this after school. Not only do we provide an environment where students are safe and supervised after school, and a place for them to get some homework help, but we also provide activity sessions that delve into student interests,” said Erin Lindblad, Site Coordinator. “At Washington Middle School, dance is a big interest! However, there is very little, if no time during the school day for students to develop these interests due to the priority of academic learning. This is where after school can step in and fill a gap!”


posted on 11/27/2012 - filed under: After School, Middle School, Spotlight