Lincoln Elementary School 4th Graders Ace Knowledge-a-Thon

“What is the world’s fastest dog?” asked Cheryl Stone, Project LINC Coordinator. “A hint, it is a hound with a special color.”

“Greyhound!” said the Lincoln Elementary School fourth grader.

“You are right. Great job!”

Mrs. Stone volunteered her time, along with 14 other community members, to quiz Lincoln Elementary School fourth graders during their annual Knowledge-a-Thon. Students learned the answers to 100 general education questions, which included categories such as science, math, geography, social studies, healthy habits and English Language Arts. Questions ranged from: Name the four presidents whose heads are carved on Mount Rushmore (Roosevelt, Lincoln, Washington and Jefferson) to Name the oceans from largest to smallest? (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic) to How many inches are in a yard? (36) to test student’s knowledge. The Knowledge-a-Thon is in its 18th year.

“The questions are good, general knowledge that every student should know,” said retired teacher Sheila Dunn, founder of the Knowledge-a-Thon. “I’ve had prior students come up and say they remember questions from when they were in the Knowledge-a-Thon years ago. It also gives students a nice opportunity to interact with local community members.”

Students practiced both in class and at home to prepare for the Knowledge-a-Thon. They received pledges for how many questions they answer correctly and the money raised goes towards the annual fourth grade field trip to Old Fort Niagara and Niagara Falls.

“I didn’t know that your ear has the smallest bones in your body,” said fourth grader Quinn Kearney. “It was a really good way to learn more stuff that you might not learn in class. I can’t wait to go on the field trip it will be so much fun.”

Special thanks to all of the community volunteers who took the time out to ask questions and interact with students: Patty Volpe, Colleen Borzilleri, Cindy Olson, Mitch Stone, Cheryl Stone, Norm Iron, Jane Lindbloom, Debbie Barron, Sheila Dunn, Eric Bolling, Debbie Bolling, Marilyn Johnson, Bonnie DeRosa, Sonya Rosdahl and Helen Buchanan.

posted on 12/03/2012 - filed under: Academics, Community, Elementary School, Spotlight