JHS Students & Staff Give to Love School PACT Program

JHS students in Mike Tuccio’s Global History classes recently donated over $600 worth of toys and gifts to the Love Elementary School PACT (Parents and Children Together) Program. Over the past four years, JHS students and staff have donated over $3 000 to the program.

“It is so important because there are a lot of kids who are not as fortunate as we are,” said JHS 10th grader Analese Wilson. “We need to give back to our local community all year, but especially during the holiday season.”

Students bring in toys and gifts and ask for monetary donations. Mr. Tuccio and his wife shop for the Love students. They purchase toys, stuffed animals, books and games.

“It’s overwhelming and we are so grateful to Mr. Tuccio and his students,” said Debbie Yahn, PACT Family Coordinator. “We have a party at Love School with the students and parents and they are always so grateful of the generosity of the JHS community every year.”

PACT, a collaboration between JPS and Jamestown Community Learning Council is for pre-kindergarten. Parents make a ”pact” with their children by pledging to attend school along with them.  The program is designed to advance parent’s knowledge and interaction with their children’s development and educational needs. The program strengthens parenting skills, promotes adult education and nurtures positive home/school relationships. Developing early literacy skills as well as meeting the social, emotional and physical needs of children is fostered by both parents and teachers who are partners in the PACT family learning environment.

posted on 12/31/2012 - filed under: Community, JHS, Spotlight