Washington Middle School Holds Minute to Win It Competition

Washington Middle School recently held its 2nd Annual Minute to Win It Competition. Students and staff, along with JPS Superintendent Deke Kathman and Board of Education President Joe DiMaio competed in six events with the seventh grade class winning the compettion. Events such as Stacking Snowman, Balancing Act, Wrapping Race, Marshmallow Toss, Tree Ring and Snowball Fight pitted classes against each other for a fun, holiday-based activity. Teachers Jill Smeraldo and Sara Joly organized all of the events. Washington has at least two competitions for the students a year.

The Minute to Win It idea came about to boost building moral and as a positive reward for good behavior. Through Washington’s Thumbs program, where teams meet every two weeks to discuss behavior, attitude, attendance, academics,  students are given a thumbs up for good work and those students names are entered Into the drawing to compete in the event. Teachers also used the tickets as classroom incentives. This year, Washington decided to make the event a team competition to follow along with the PLC drive that the school is  a working, learning community. Teachers volunteered to team up with the students. Mr. DiMaio and Mr. Kathman were invited so that the students could be introduced to the other people outside the building that are part of the learning community.

Check out the video of the event below too!











posted on 01/07/2013 - filed under: Middle School, Spotlight