Fletcher Music Students Learn More About Improvisation Through African Cultures – Watch the Video!

Fletcher Elementary School students from Mrs. Chitester’s & Mrs. George’s combined 4th grade music classes enjoyed music teacher, Mary Crandall’s,  8-week  Artist in Residence Program. Mrs. Crandall is visiting different elementary schools throughout the school year meeting with students for four to five sessions. As part of Black History Month, Fletcher students are exploring Improvisation  including African rhythms.

“My goal is to guide students to develop the ability to interpretively improvise with singing, instruments and movement,” said Mrs. Crandall. “I’m really focusing on language literacy skills (even if it is a foreign language) to facilitate musical skills. When students increase fluency of expression through music it is well known to improve fluency in general areas as well. So far students have been loving singing, playing drums and dancing to the beautiful African rhythms and sounds of that music rich culture.”

In a few weeks, future sessions  will move to include other cultures, as well as our own!

posted on 02/01/2013 - filed under: Academics, Elementary School, Music