Jefferson Middle School Family & Consumer Science Students Learn More About Financial Repsonsibility

Jefferson Middle School fifth and sixth graders have beenĀ  learning about the economy and the financial responsibilities they will face throughout life in Sara Hochman’s Family & Consumer Science classes. StudentsĀ  learn about financial vocabulary such as bank accounts, checks, expenses, loans, salary and budgeting.

As one activity during the unit, students play The Game of Life to simulateĀ  what may occur when they reach adulthood. The students are able to choose to further their education through college or to jump right into the workforce to begin earning a salary. Throughout the game, students come across a number of different financial obligations such paying for bills, owning a home, and how having a family will influence their income. Family and Consumer Sciences, a 13-week course, is a life skills class that focuses on preparing students for their future career and personal life, which also covers adolescent growth and development, sewing and clothing care, and nutrition and food preparation.


posted on 02/05/2013 - filed under: Academics, Middle School, Spotlight