Washington Middle School Students Walked on Eggs to Learn More About the Scientific Method

Washington Middle School sixth grader in Deb Szwejbka’s science class recently learned more about the Scientific Method through a variety of creative experiments including walking on eggs (no, they were not hard-boiled!).

Students were asked to choose an experiment from several that Mrs. Szwejbka had chosen from various sources. Students brought in the required materials and presented the experiment in front of their peers. At the end of each experiment, students analyzed the results.  Some of the other experiments besides walking on eggs were: Lava in a Bottle, Bobbing Raisins, Magnetic Paper Clip, Leak Proof Bag, Green Penny, Volcano in a Bottle and Mystery Water Suspension.

Students had to follow the Scientific Method for each experiment including:

Step 1 – ask a question

Step 2 – form a hypothesis

Step 3 – test the hypothesis (experiment)

Step 4 – record data from experiment

Step 5 – Draw a conclusion

This was a high-energy, high-enthusiasm project that the students loved!

posted on 03/07/2013 - filed under: Academics, Middle School, Spotlight