Creating Healthy Places Collaborates with Washington Middle School To Plan Garden

Creating Healthy Places Grant recently visited Washington Middle School fifth grader to help them kick-off  planning for their upcoming school garden. This is the second of three visits to Washington School. CHP helped create six stations including:

Weeds – Students determined the difference between a weed and a plant

Water – Students learned how much water is needed to have a successful garden

Seed Packets – How much valuable information is on a seed packet?

Parts of a Plant – Learn the different part of a plant and taste different parts like carrots (roots) or celery (stems)

Planting Seedlings – Students learned proper planting techniques using bulbs

Puzzle – Crossword puzzle on gardening

Creating Healthy Places (CHP) to Live, Work and Play in Chautauqua County is part of a state-wide initiative funded by the New York State Department of Health  to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes. Obesity among children and adolescents has tripled over the past three decades. Currently 1/3 of New York’s children are obese or overweight.




posted on 03/20/2013 - filed under: Academics, Community, Middle School, Spotlight