Lincoln Elementary School’s PARP Combines Reading With Travel

“I’m so excited to come to you from Hollywood, CA today. I’m getting my Hollywood Walk of Fame star today and I’m thrilled you get to see me receive it!.” said Lincoln Elementary School teacher Laura Burstrom as movie star “Holly Generro. “The Hollywood Walk of Fame began in 1960 and there are over 1,500 stars.”

Mrs. Burstrom was part of the Lincoln Elementary Schools PARP (Parents as Reading Partners) doing a “Jamestown Travel Channel” broadcast during the school’s morning announcements. The theme of this year’s PARP, “Lincoln Takes a Reading Road” showcases different parts of the country through reading including New York City, Philadelphia, the Everglades and the Alamo. The three-week program asks parent to read with their children a minimum of 15-minutes a day, five days a week, outside of school.

Reading Specialist Anastasia Swanson and teachers Britany Saxton and Laura Burstrom encouraged reading by putting together activities including a kick-off assembly with a magician, daily trivia, an end-of-the-day call-in with an “I Spy” twist, map skills where students were given clues and coordinates to discover a new area of the country, postcards with “tolls,”  a Lincoln “Wall of Fame” for students who met the goals and a final assembly built around the show, “Who’s Smarter Than a Fourth Grader?”

The group also sponsored a door decorating contest that a Jamestown Police Officer judged. Mrs. Gustafson’s first grade room won first prize for their door based on the book, “A Day in the Apple Orchard.”

posted on 04/10/2013 - filed under: Academics, Elementary School, Parents, Spotlight