JHS Winter Guard Heads to World Championships Ranked #1

The JHS Winter Guard Express is heading to the WGI’s 2013 World Championships this weekend in Dayton, OH ranked #1 in the nation. A member of the Winter Guard International organization, JHS Express is currently ranked No. 1 in its WGI class of Scholastic A. This year, Express has competed in, and won, three previous WGI regional competitions in Pittsburgh, Rochester and Cincinnati.

Chautauqua County Executive Greg Edwards sent the group off to the World Championships with a proclamation naming Thursday, “Jamestown Express Winter Guard Day” in Chautauqua County.

Congratulations to these talented students who have put in a tremendous amount of hard work to get to the world championships!

Please click here to read moreĀ  and see a video of Mr. Edward’s visit with the Winterguard in The Post-Journal.

posted on 04/11/2013 - filed under: Clubs, JHS, Spotlight