Information for Parents on the NYS ELA & Math Assessments

NYS ELA & Math Assessments will be given this week and next to students in grades 3 through 8. The tests are scheduled as follows:

ELA 4/16 to 4/18

Math 4/24 to 4/26

Beginning this year, assessments in ELA and Math will be aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards. These standards aim to ensure that all students develop foundational skills in literacy and math that support their readiness for success in college or career. As state assessments shift to reflect these higher expectations for student learning, we may expect the following:

• Reading passages will be authentic, with increased emphasis on non-fiction and reading for information.

• Reading passages will be longer and more rigorous than on past tests.

• Writing tasks will require students to respond directly to reading passages – to inform, describe, explain, or respond, using specific details from the text to support their claims.

• Math problems may often require students to solve problems in a real-world application.

• Math questions may address more than one skill or concept, and may require multiple steps to solve a problem.


For more information about this year’s tests, please refer to the following resources.

Video for Parents and Families About the Common Core Assessments

Video: What Should Parents Know About the New Common Core Assessments?

Sample Questions for ELA & Math (2013)

Test Guides for ELA & Math (2013)







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