JHS Students Show Off Archery Skills in the NYS Archery in the Schools Tournament

JHS students recently competed in the National Archery in the Schools – NYS Competition. All JHS students take archery for a semester in physical education and had the option of entering the after school tournament with results send to NASP. Congratulations to Anna Card for finishing 2nd in the female category and 6th overall with a score of 266 out of a possible 300. Other JHS students who finished in the top 25 overall were: #13 overall – Nate Aversa, #17 overall – Matt Sherman and #25 overall – Abu Latif.

Other JHS students also placed in tournament in the male category: Lorenzo Rodriguez placed #24 and Brett Bauer placed #37 and in the female category: Brooklyn Figueira placed #9, Ashley Hooper placed #13, Halli Buchanan planced #23 and Alexis Paulson placed #35.

Every archer in the tournament launched 10 practice arrows and 30 scoring arrows at an international bullseye target from 10 and 15 meters.  No matter the archer’s grade, gender, or skill level, each used the same Mathews Genesis bow, Easton aluminum arrows and shot at the same size targets at identical distances.  The tournament format is exactly the same as taught for 2,055,000 student archers in 10,373 NASP® schools during the current school year.

During the JHS physical education archery unit, the history, physical, emotional and social benefits of archery are learned. In addition, safety strategies, skills and archery techniques necessary to participate in and enjoy archery as a lifetime activity.

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