JHS Staff Spelling Bee Raises Money for Battle of the Classes

JHS recently held a Staff Spelling Bee to benefit the Battle of the Classes charity, Chautauqua County Advocacy Program. Students purchased tickets for $1. All money raised went towards the class of the winning participants. JHS teachers Scott Lumia and Chris Maggio tied for first place splitting the donation between the junior and senior classes.

The Bee included eight participants:  representing the  freshman class – Ashley Noon, guidance counselor  and freshman class co-advisor and Eric Sohl, physical education teacher, representing the sophomore class – Ken Ricker, In School Suspension supervisor and sophomore class advisor and Mike Tuccio, history teacher, representing the junior class -  Norma DeJoy, English teacher and Chris Maggio, math teacher and representing the senior class – Dana Williams, assistant principal and Scott Lumia, math teacher. JHS teacher Tony Dolce, emceed the Bee with JHS English teacher Barbi Price acting as adjudicator

posted on 04/19/2013 - filed under: Academics, Community, JHS, Spotlight