Persell’s Team Harmony Discover a Wide Variety of Career Choices

Persell Middle School Team Harmony has spent time researching potential careers. Teachers Melissa Forster and Stephanie Ralph Using “Paws in Jobland,” an online career development website. Students completed an online survey that suggested potential careers for them according to their interests. A cartoon dog guides¬† them through the steps of the survey asking questions such as “Do you like math?” and “Do you like others to tell you what to do?”¬† Students also researched their potential career choices on the computer and in books. They also had the opportunity to ask different career professionals questions. Students also completed a Career Choice Reflection exercise using GoogleDocs from Mrs. Forster’s website.

A special visit by veterinarian Dr. Colburn from Moonbrook Veterinary Hospital, allowed students who were interested in animal careers were able to listen to a dog’s heart with a stethoscope. All students will create podcasts of their career experience.

This fun unit gave students insight into possible career opportunities but also discovered the different ways they can use technology to research information.



posted on 05/09/2013 - filed under: Academics, Middle School, Spotlight