Fletcher Elementary School Holds Annual Spelling Bee

With words such as: radical, freckle, distinctive and voluntary, Fletcher third and fourth grade students tested their spelling skills at the Fletcher Elementary School Annual Spelling Bee. The 2013 Spelling Bee winner was fourth grader Sydney Smith from Ardy Baldwin’s room. Third grader, Peyton Ryan, was first runner-up and fourth grader, Jayden Adams, was second runner up.

Sydney received a new bike donated by The Post-Journal and a trophy donated by the Fletcher PTA. Special Education teacher Erin Troester emceed the Spelling Bee and judges included:  School Counselor Kim Przybol, School Nurse Karen Buck, Reading Specialist Lori Bird and Literacy Coach Stephanie David. As a special incentive, The Post-Journal also donated a second bike. The winner was drawn from all participants in the Spell-Off and presented to  Fletcher student Kaden Marucci.

Fletcher’s PTA also provided additional prizes and K-Mart donated two bike helmets.

Participants in the Spelling Bee included:

Ryan Fitzgerald, Sydney Smith, Alivia Shilling, Aden Williams, Kylie Luce, John Carlson, Peyton Ryan, Alyana Johnson, Abby Roof, Ella Smith, Jayden Adams, Sydney Smith, Ryan Malarkey and Ashley Patch.


posted on 05/31/2013 - filed under: Academics, Elementary School, Spotlight