Jefferson Middle School Students Create Cutting Boards for Principals

Jefferson Middle School special education students in Ted Hoca’s Technology class created  butcher block cutting boards for Principal Carm Proctor and Assistant Principal David Hickey. The students designed and built their wood boards during a series of  classes using tools and measurement and learning valuable skills.

“I was so surprised to receive such a beautiful and well-made cutting board!” said Mrs. Proctor. “Through Mr. Hoca’s instruction and the students’ hard work, they created a quality wood piece, probably better than most stores would sell.  I am so proud of these Jefferson students.”

The students really enjoyed the project and each created a cutting board to take home too.

“I am motivated to work with these special students because I believe they have potential to develop physical talents they might not otherwise discover,” said Mr. Hoca. “Hands-on experiences like this one may help them develop skills to use in the real world.  I also think doing project like this help develop self-esteem by completing a project. These students hold a special place in my heart.  I think they deserve all the chances for success that we can give them”

posted on 06/03/2013 - filed under: Academics, Middle School, Spotlight