Jefferson Middle School 5th Graders Hold Science Fair

Hundreds of people filled the Jefferson Middle School gymnasium to discover more about erupting volcanoes, spinning tornadoes, animal habitats, the life cycle of a tomato plant and creative ways to kill germs during Jefferson’s 5th Grade Science Fair. Each student created a project on their chosen topic, which had to be relevant to concepts studied during the school year. Students also wrote a report.

“I did my project on the elf owl,” said Jefferson 5th grader Joshua Martin. “I love birds, especially owls and was interested to learn more about them. I created an owl habitat using cactus because that is where elf owls live. However, until I did my research, I did not know that elf owls breed in the forest.”

This is the first year the 5th grade teachers held the Science Fair.

“The fifth grade science teachers were very excited and pleased with the support and turnout from families and friends of students,” said Jefferson Middle School teacher Tom Langworthy. “There were approximately 250 people at the Science Fair to observe the projects. We feel the projects consisted of deep thinking, research, and non-fiction sources that align with the Common Core Learning Standards.”

posted on 06/06/2013 - filed under: Academics, Community, Middle School, Parents, Spotlight