JPS Superintendent Tim Mains Releases Entry Plan

New Jamestown Public Schools Superintendent Tim Mains announced today his entry plan that places a premium on listening and learning activities including interactions with multiple internal and external stakeholders. In addition, the plan calls for the review of data, processes and policies to gain a thorough understanding of the District, including its strengths and challenges, its core business of teaching and learning, its business systems, and its culture and its partnerships with the community.

The Superintendent’s Entry Plan is posted today on the school district’s website at Mains wants community members to see and understand immediately what he will do to work with teachers and administrators to lead progress. Today marks Mains’ first day on the job.

“I am so excited about the potential we have here to become an outstanding district that successfully meets the challenges of educating students for the 21st century,” said Superintendent Mains.

In his entry plan, Mains addresses five major goals: developing effective governance structures and policies through the formation of positive and effective school board – superintendent relationships, assessing the state of the school district, gaining a thorough understanding of the Jamestown community, building a trusting, productive and collaborative relationship with internal and external stakeholders and developing the initial framework for a comprehensive strategic planning process that will focus on student learning and student success.

Mains identifies expected outcomes and a 30-day, 90-day, 180-day and first year timeline. Mains’ entry plan has five areas of concentration: governance, organizational capacity and alignment, teaching and learning, operations and finance and community and public relations.

As part of his entry plan, Mains will establish a strong working relationship with the JPS Board to clarify the Board’s priorities for the district and initiate the strategic process that will guide future district reforms. He will work with district instructional leadership to analyze student achievement data, instructional program alignment and current goals and priority action areas, paying close attention to the performance of all student groups. Mains will closely assess the school district’s finances and operations from the lens of effectiveness and efficiency and carefully consider how finances and operations currently align with the educational goals and needs of the district.

Mains pledges to solicit input and ideas from elected officials, parents, teachers, students, principals, employee groups, business leaders and others through a series of private meetings and public forums in August and throughout the school year. There will also be a major effort to communicate with the public through the news media and the Jamestown Public Schools’ website. Mains will visit all Jamestown schools the first week of the school year to obtain a close-up look at the needs and expectations of students, teachers and parents.

In November, Mains will release his initial report to the school board and public with a follow-up report in January. In the summer of 2014, Mains will roll out the district’s strategic plan and vision for future of Jamestown Public Schools.

“The best way for us to make rapid progress is to be focused in our work and be sure we are working collaboratively,” Mains said. “I believe my entry plan will help refine this focus and enhance our levels of collaboration.”

Superintendent Mains’ Entry Plan

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