JPS Records Management Coordinator Speaks at Fenton Center’s Brown Bag Lecture Series

“1887 marked the beginning of the city public school district. An interesting fact is that the district had only three superintendents in a 67-year span,” said Pam Brown, Jamestown Public Schools Records Management Coordinator. “We have an amazing history in our district with many firsts including the first manual training course offered to students in New York State.”

Mrs. Brown spoke at a recent Fenton History Center “Brown Bag Lecture Series.” Her lecture focused on the early history of schools in Jamestown from 1820 to 1937, including the first three superintendents, Samuel G. Love, Rovillus R. Rogers and Milton C. Fletcher. She also discussed how Jamestown Public Schools became a district. Mrs. Brown distributed handouts with facsimiles of documents and photos from the districtís extensive archives including copies of the original petition requesting the formation of a Union School in 1863 led by teacher Calista Jones.

“We have a rich and varied history and are so lucky to have many documents in our archives that our teachers, students and community can look at and use,” said Mrs. Brown. “Jamestown Schools have always been an integral part of our community and by studying its history we can better understand our district today.”

If community members are interested in seeing any documents from the JPS archives, please contact Mrs. Brown directly at 483-4340.

posted on 09/10/2013 - filed under: Academics, Community, Spotlight