JPS Helps New Teachers Through a Two-Day Orientation

“You didn’t pick us, we chose you for your enormous potential and talent,” said Superintendent Mains to a group of new Jamestown teachers. “I still remember my first year as a teacher. It was such an exciting time in my life. I had some great successes and some great failures but I became a better teacher for it. I believe that learning isn’t just for students; it’s also for adults. As teachers, you must keep learning and growing in order to become a truly great teacher.”

Superintendent Mains welcomed new teachers during Jamestown Public Schools’ New Teacher Orientation held prior to school opening. The orientation is as an occasion to acquaint teachers who are new to the district with the many people, resources, and services that are available. The New Teacher Orientation is the first phase of a multi-faceted Teacher Induction Program focused on supporting a teacher’s success and professional growth. Throughout the school year, additional opportunities to include workshops and peer coaching are provided to help assure that our students have the finest teachers.

The two-day orientations also included a Jamestown Teachers Association presentation, a technology introduction, an overview of the Teacher Induction Program, expectations regarding effective teaching, and activities focused on the importance of creating a safe and engaging learning environment.


posted on 09/13/2013 - filed under: Academics, Elementary School, JHS, Middle School, Parents, Spotlight, teachers