JHS Students Help Create New Chautauqua County Airport Website

Three Jamestown High School students, 2013 graduates Boe Brooks and Greg Deppas, and senior Shelby Adams, helped create a new Chautauqua County Airport website (www.flyjhwfirst.com) as part of Chris Reilly’s Website Design Class. The collaboration, initiated by Sam Arcadipane, Manager of Airport and Parks, and JPS Business Chairperson David Munella, not only gave students real-life work experience but also provided an opportunity to find out more about employment opportunities in Chautauqua County.

“We were incredibly impressed by the students’ work,” said Mr. Arcadipane. “They pursued this project on a higher level than we even expected. They really thought about how to promote the airport and how to partner with local businesses and attractions. The new website assisted us in our ability to show potential partners and businesses that we can promote and market the Chautauqua County airport effectively. We are so pleased with their efforts in giving us an attractive, user-friendly website.”

The three JHS students worked on the website as a project during Chris Reilly’s Website Design Class. The students met with airport representatives and kept in constant contact by sending email updates on their design progress and any questions.

“This has been a valuable experience,” said JHS senior Shelby Adams. “I wanted to do this as it seemed like a good, real-life challenge to work on my design skills. We used a lot of problem-solving to determine the best way to design the website based on the airport’s needs. I also think it is important for high school students to give back and learn more about their community, and this was one way we could do it.”

Many individuals were involved in the project including: JHS Business teacher Chris Reilly, Dave Himelein and Vince Horrigan from the Chautauqua County Airport Commission, George Spanos, Director Department of Public Facilities, Jon DeAngelo, Chautauqua County Director of Information Services, and Karen Baglia from Time Warner Cable.

“I would like to thank Sam for entrusting these very talented students with a project of this scope,” said JPS Business Chair David Munella. “Opportunities like this one match up very well with many of the new initiatives at Jamestown High School. With the growth of our Business and Career Department, it is our vision to continue developing partnerships in the community. We hope that more local organizations take advantage of our students’ incredible skills as it is an opportunity to not only give them real-world experience, but to also become involved with, and learn more about their local school district’s initiatives.”


posted on 09/17/2013 - filed under: Academics, Community, JHS, Spotlight, teachers