JPS Board of Education Announces Appointment of School Board Member

Jamestown Public Schools Board of Education appointed a new member of the School Board at its meeting on Tuesday, September 24th. Shelly Leathers will fill the open seat vacated by Timothy Thomas until the May 2014 Board of Education elections. At that time, the seat will be put to a public vote for a three-year term.

“We are very pleased to welcome Mrs. Leathers to our Board of Education,” said Joe DiMaio, JPS Board of Education President. “Mrs. Leathers has an extensive background in finance and education, which will only benefit the Board of Education. Her expertise is a great addition to our Board.”

Mrs. Leathers, a Jamestown High School alumnus, comes to the Board of Education with considerable experience in both the education and financial fields. She is currently employed at L.J. Stein as an accounting manager but also has worked as an adjunct instructor at Jamestown Business College, business education teacher at Jamestown High School and worked in public accounting at BWB.

“As a native of the city of Jamestown, I am dedicated to ensuring that our community continues to thrive,” said Mrs. Leathers. “One of the key characteristics of a strong community is a successful school district. I believe Jamestown Schools provide one of the most academically challenging and diverse educational experiences in the county. Jamestown Schools are facing some difficult decisions both financially and academically. I believe my past experiences in the classroom and with non-profit agencies, along with my financial background, will give me the perspective to see all sides of the issues. Now, more than ever, we need to think outside of the box to come up with solutions to provide Jamestown students the best education they deserve.”

“We are pleased to welcome our new board member,” said JPS Superintendent Tim Mains. “This is a critical time for our district, and I look forward to working as a team with the Board of Education to advocate for all JPS students who rely upon us to provide them with the best education we can.”

Mrs. Leathers lives in Jamestown with her husband David, also a JHS alumnus. Her children graduated from Jamestown High School and are currently attending Kent State University and Ohio State University.