Superintendent Mains Presents 90-day Entry Plan Progress Report

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Jamestown Public Schools Superintendent Tim Mains recently presented his 90-day Entry Plan Progress Report to the Board of Education at a board meeting.

“When I was approached for the position of Superintendent, I informed the Board of Education that I would have an entry plan with certain benchmark updates. The first 90 days is the most significant benchmark because I feel very strongly that how you begin a job determines how successful you will be,” said Superintendent Mains.

During his presentation, Superintendent Mains detailed that he has spent over 300 hours getting to know the district and the community. He has met with 75+ internal school leaders, including staff, students and coaches. He has visited over 122 different classrooms across the district. Superintendent Mains has also met with over 50 leaders in the local community during his first three months.

“I have learned that we have incredibly capable students, a dedicated and hard-working staff, involved parents, and a committed community who all have the same goal – making Jamestown Schools a success,” said Superintendent Mains.

The Entry Plan includes five outcomes: governance, learning about the community, assessing the state of the district, building relationships and designing a strategic plan framework. Superintendent Mains updated the 90-day status of each outcome.

Superintendent Mains focused on building strong relationships with both individual school board members, and as a group. He also established regular communication between the Board through a weekly “Superintendent Bulletin,” formulated board committees, established connections between board members and individual schools, and implemented a superintendent evaluation process.

To learn more about the community, Superintendent Mains met with political and business leaders, not for profit organizations, parents in informal settings and the community through local festivals like LucyFest and the Labor Day Picnic.

Superintendent Mains also assessed the state of the district including staffing changes and creating new classrooms. He told the Board that because of budget cuts over the past five years, the current staffing in certain areas is inadequate and will need to be addressed in the future.

The Board was updated on the district’s learning systems. Superintendent Mains discussed compliance with the Common Core Standards including the challenges and efforts by district staff. He presented information about instructional delivery, professional development needs, and changes in how the district needs to collect data to measure student success. He also analyzed, in detail, the district’s academic performance and its biggest challenges including:  grades 3 and 5 (ELA and math), Global Studies Regents, and student subgroups (English Language Learners, Students with Disabilities and Hispanic students).

He also discussed the effectiveness and efficiencies of areas outside of academics including the positive work done by the JPS Business Department and Assistant Superintendent Dale Weatherlow.

Mains announced the formation of strategic planning committees in the next month with both internal and external participants. The committees will convene in eight areas:  rigorous academics, addressing disparities, social/emotional supports, testing & accountability, parent and community engagement, ensuring extra curricular opportunities, keeping technology current, and communications & PR.

“We need the help of our local community to serve on these committees to include their valuable input in our report to the Board of Education,” said Superintendent Mains. “Based on conversations with community members, we all want to build a successful future for Jamestown Schools. By working together to look at both the challenges and the successes, we can determine a positive course for our district.”