Jefferson Middle School Art Club Encourages Creativity

Jefferson Middle Schools has a new Art Club that encourages student creativity during the after school hours. With the help of adviser and art teacher, Lisa Corey, club members recently used their knowledge of color theory by mixing cyan, magenta and yellow to create individualized, tie dye t-shirts with their club logo.

“I really love art,” said Jefferson Middle School eighth grade student Grace Arrance. “The tie dye project was so fun and messy. We got to be really creative with our designs. Art is really important for kids to experience because it gives us an opportunity to express ourselves in a different way.”

The Art Club, which meets once a week for about an hour has created many projects. They have painted a mural, designed jewelry and worked with clay. The club is currently selling rainbow loom pencils for a fundraiser and working on the divider pages for the school yearbook.

“I think that the Art Club is great!” said Mrs. Corey. “Students take art class every other year for only 13 weeks. Art Club provides more experience in art and we are able to do things that are not possible in the class due to enrollment or materials. It lets students know that art is valued and their creativity is encouraged. We hope to have an exhibit featuring the student’s work in the future.”


posted on 01/03/2014 - filed under: Academics, After School, Clubs, Middle School, Spotlight