5th Grade Advanced Learning Program Students Discover Immigration – Watch the Video!

Fifth grade Advanced Learning Program (ALP) students at Jefferson, Persell and Washington Middle Schools learned more about immigration through a study of Ellis Island. ALP teachers Stacey Monroe, Stephanie Ralph and Jen Cronin brought the time period to life through immigration interviews, role-play and research on Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, which also connected to their fifth grade Common Core modules. The Jamestown Advanced Learning Program is for fifth and sixth grade students and is offered during the after school hour in two six-week sessions. Sixth graders focused on World War II with teachers Tiffany MacCullum, Allison Smith and Sheri Brandes. They learned about the causes for the war, Pearl Harbor, code wars and post-WWII.

To see the Ellis Island unit at Jefferson in action, please click the video below.


posted on 01/15/2014 - filed under: Academics, After School, Common Core, Middle School, Spotlight, Students, teachers