JHS Junior Places 4th in NYS NASP Tournament

Jamestown High School junior Anna Card placed fourth in the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) tournament for all high school females in New York State. She also qualified for the NASP National Archery Shoot in Kentucky.

With statewide participation almost tripling and more JHS entries, the increased competition made Ms. Card’s accomplishment all the more extraordinary. Last year, at the NASP National Archery Shoot, 9,426 students participated in the tournament, which broke the Guinness Book Record for the largest archery tournament in the world. Congratulations to Ms. Card for representing JHS at such a high level in the archery world.

Jamestown High School offers archery during physical education classes every year during the third quarter.

“We are proud of all the students who participated in the tournament, and especially Anna for her accomplishments,” said Jamestown High School Physical Education teacher Scott Shawley. “Archery is fun and it something that all students, regardless of athletic skill level, can do, and do well. I also think archery helps students make the connection to real life. During archery classes, students have the opportunity to make decisions on their shooting process and see the immediate results. If the student next to them is performing well and they are not, they know that it is because of their decisions/process and they need make adjustments. In life, students make choices and see the direct results from their choices. I am hoping that students can learn, through archery, that they can make positive adjustments to their life when they are not getting the results they want.”


posted on 05/13/2014 - filed under: JHS, Spotlight, Students