JHS Holds August Graduation Ceremony

Jamestown High School recently held an August Graduation Ceremony to honor seven graduates:  Jose Lopez, Grace Ortiz, Julio Reyes-Torres, Karee Rizzo-Walker, David Silliman, Brandon Spangler and Antonio Torres. The ceremony was held in the Jamestown Board of Education meeting room with family and friends in attendance. Jamestown Board of Education members, Joe DiMaio, Shelly Leathers, Paul Abbott, Dan Johnson and Patrick Slagle participated in the ceremony, along with JHS Principal Mike McElrath, JHS Summer School Coordinator Dana Williams, and Superintendent Tim O. Mains.

Superintendent Mains held the August Graduation Ceremony to acknowledge the student’s hard work and dedication. “Tonight you have earned the key to the kingdom, a high school diploma,” said Superintendent Mains. “You have opened doors for work, military or college that wouldn’t have been obtainable without your diploma. You will now have to decide where you will go and what you will do with your life. We share, along with your families, a tremendous amount of pride in your accomplishments that reflect positively not only on JPS, but on your dedication to achieve a goal along with your family’s support.” 

Mr. McElrath also spoke to the students. “You are the definition of persistence and well-represent JHS. You have overcome many challenges but stayed on a plan, faced your obstacles, and reached your goal of a high school diploma. We are very proud of your efforts.”

posted on 08/25/2014 - filed under: Academics, Board of Education, Graduation, JHS, Parents, Spotlight, Students