Fletcher Elementary School 4th Graders Host Thanksgiving Celebration for Friends

“Remember, let’s talk with our friends about your family’s traditions at the holiday,” said Fletcher Elementary School fourth grade teacher, Diane George to her students who were paired up with students from Becky McGrath’s special education classroom. The students were paired up to share in their second annual Thanksgiving celebration. Students ate their meal together and fourth graders read to their friends in small groups.

The unique collaboration between the two teachers has been ongoing for three years. The classrooms are directly across the hallway from each other allowing one-of-a-kind relationships to develop between the students.  

Before the Thanksgiving celebration, Mrs. George discusses with her fourth graders that people are all unique. She uses the comparison to a pumpkin patch and how even in a group of pumpkins, every pumpkin is slightly different. As a project, the fourth graders then create a pumpkin patch together with their new friends by painting pumpkins, which are displayed in the hallway.

“Students in my classroom learn an important life lesson by visiting Mrs. McGrath’s special education classroom,” said Mrs. George. “Mrs. McGrath discussed with my students, what special needs are, and how we can communicate non-verbally with her students. The students see each other everyday due to the close proximity of the classrooms. They have learned that students with special needs are no different than they are, in that they want to make new friends. At this time of year it is nice to count our blessings and be thankful for what we have.”

posted on 11/26/2014 - filed under: Elementary School, Spotlight, Staff, Students