Jefferson Middle School Holds Annual Veteran’s Day Luncheon

Jefferson Middle School sixth graders on Team Challenge recently held a Veteran’s Day Luncheon to honor those who served in the military. Students gave a brief history of Veteran’s Day, read poems about veterans and the military, and sang a patriotic song. The Veteran’s Day Luncheon has been a tradition at Jefferson School for over 15 years.

“Every year, we host this brunch to show gratitude to the veterans for all the sacrifices they’ve made for our freedom,” said Jefferson Middle School teacher, Gina Hess. “This day is not something students can get through regular textbook instruction. It is face to face history and that is what makes it so special.”

Veterans from every branch of the military and every age attended to help students better understand what they did during service to their country. Students also had the opportunity to talk with veterans during lunch and then, as a group, develop specific questions to ask the veterans.

“It is so important to honor veterans and the service they gave to our country,” said Jefferson Middle School sixth grader Kayla Krzanak. “Without our their service, our country would not be what it is today. They worked so hard to make our country safe and give us the freedoms that we have that having this lunch is the least we can do to honor them for all their hard work and dedication.”

The veterans also appreciated the students and teachers efforts.

“I think I can speak for the other veterans here today in that it is pretty humbling that Jefferson School takes the time to do this for us,” said Joe Paladino, a veteran of the Iraq War and president of the Veterans of Modern Warfare, Chapter 20. “It is also nice that the teachers take time out of their busy school day to let the students know about Veteran’s Day and how it directly affects their lives. Students also have the opportunity to sit down with a variety of veterans and hear their experiences, which just opens up their world and view of history.”


posted on 12/02/2014 - filed under: Academics, Community, Middle School, Spotlight, Staff, Students